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Posted by Yuki

I hope everyone is enjoying their week thus far.

I’ve added 8 new PNGs from Blood+, A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Durarara!!, and A Channel.

Plug(s): Also welcome new affies Nicole from Plasteeq and Brandi from Sugar Crave (yes we have the same name!).

Posted by Yuki

I present you with a total of 30 PNGs I managed to extract over the holiday break. They are from the series 07-Ghost, Wedding Peach, Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai, Shugo Chara, Sailor Moon, Gurren Lagann, and Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.

Plug(s): Everyone give a welcome to a new affie Miggy of Baysid3 and Kayla of Love Blush.

Enjoy, the new PNGs. More coming soon!

Posted by Yuki

Man, the months are going by fast!

I added a bunch of new series and got rid of any PNGs that were old and not up to quality (I went from 550+ PNGs to 296). Quality over quantity! I also created a new chatbox!

There are 13 new PNGs this week. They are .Hack, Sword Art Online, and Kaleido Star extracted by yours truly. Yay!

Enjoy, and look forward to seeing some new PNGs! Feel free submit/donate PNGs as well (as long as they are high quality).

Happy Turkey Day!

Posted by Yuki

Hello everyone. Just a quick post and a new layout.

I will be adding new additions to the website since I see that people really take interest in them. I want to focus on things that people really want to use so suggestions are appreciated. You can also submit/donate PNGs as well.

I moved all of my graphics (bases, icons, and textures) over to my DeviantArt account if anyone is curious. This is now a PNGs only site. I also cleaned up any links that were broken or who weren’t linking back. I added a PNGs series navigation instead of having it on a page, and made a new chatbox moving it to its own page.

I have also extracted a couple of pictures and probably will upload it later. I promise I will upload them ASAP.

Happy Halloween!

Posted by Yuki

Wow, it’s already 2019. Happy New Year, everyone. I wish everyone happiness, health, and fortune in the new year. My gift to you is a new layout look featuring Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei and 6 PNGs from the series Boogiepop Phantom.

Plug(s): Other news, I’d like to welcome a new affiliate Yuca of Kawaii Blossom.

Posted by Yuki

2018 is almost over. Last post of the year! My resolution for the new year is to continue to still keep this site alive.
26 PNGs were added today, 8 is from the series Naruto, and the other 18 are from Vampire Knight! On a side note, I watched Skip Beat this week! It’s good.

Happy Holidays & have a magical New Year!

Posted by Yuki

Hehe, I’m still working on Christmas! xD All the stores might be closed, but Anime Papers will be open for you to check out the new 38 PNGs of Skip Beat!

Also, a big shout out to the awesome Kaci the for the new customized layout. There are a few things I adjusted, like colors and fonts, but overall I think it looks great!

Happy Holidays, everyone.