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Hey you guys. I’ve been super busy doing other things but just letting you all know an update is coming soon. I’ve joined the blogging community with my new blog Frappe Thoughts. I’ve also been busy doing other side projects like working on my portfolio and trying to get an Etsy store created once I get my ideas in order.

So just in case you all were wondering if this site is dead, not yet! I actually just renewed my hosting for the whole year! See you soon!

Wow, it’s already 2019. Happy New Year, everyone. I wish everyone happiness, health, and fortune in the new year. My gift to you is a new layout  look featuring Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei and 6 PNGs from the series Boogiepop Phantom.

In other news, I’d like to welcome a new affiliate Yuca of Kawaii Blossom.

2018 is almost over. Last post of the year! My resolution for the new year is to continue to still keep this site alive.
26 PNGs were added today, 8 is from the series Naruto, and the other 18 are from Vampire Knight! On a side note, I watched Skip Beat this week! It’s good.

Happy Holidays & have a magical New Year!

Hehe, I’m still working on Christmas! xD All the stores might be closed, but Anime Papers will be open for you to check out the new 38 Skip Beat! PNGs.

Also, a big shout out to the awesome Kaci the for the new customized layout. There are a few things I adjusted, like colors and fonts, but overall I think it looks great!

Happy Holidays, everyone.

Hello everyone. I know, I’ve been almost invisible and all lately. I must apologise for being inactive for such a long time. I, however, have reasons for this as my life has been a wreck right now with work, college I went back to school for my Master’s and family. But still, here I am, bringing you the latest happenings.

As you can see I have changed domains/sites. I am no longer Hakanai Paper, I am now Anime Papers. Firstly, let me introduce you to my new theme featuring artwork Eri Kamijo. I was simply in love with these images I found and just had to use it for my design.  I also decided to use WordPress for this website, not PHP anymore as it just takes more time to update rather than just simple and quick to use.

Anyway, here are a few new things about the site: The sidebar navigation has been trimmed down, icons and icon resources plus tutorials are back, I cleaned up any broken link exchange and affie links, and the TOU all have been simplified and updated.

So, what do you guys have to say?

Did you think I wouldn’t come back? >:P What can I say? Life has been busy and brutal. It has been some months since my last update, but as long as this site is accessible that means that I am still alive and able will continue to renew my domains and web hosting. The point of shutting down, isn’t an option I don’t see…ever.

So I’ll try to extract as much as I can before my next update. So keep checking back!