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Step by step tutorial of how to make a colorful icon.

Let’s Begin!

  1. Crop an image to 100×100
  2. Duplicate the base, set it on soft light at 100%
  3. Set #E4D8D0 to darken at 100%
  4. Set #1B284E to exclusion at 45%
  5. Duplicate the base (the very bottom image), drag it to the very top, desaturate (CTRL-SHFT-U), set on soft light at 100%
  6. Set #FFFFFF to soft light at 100%
  7. Use the texture below and set it to lighten at 73%.
  8. Duplicate the base again, drag it all the way to the top, desaturate (CTRL-SHFT-U), set it to soft lightat 100%.
  9. Set #FFF6D5 to color burn at 100%.
  10. Use this brush by me (can be downloaded from the site), and paste it on the bottom right of your icon.
  11. To finish it all, off I wrote “friends” in times new roman size 8pt, in #000000.

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