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Some of the following questions were asked by visitors and some were questions thought of by me. But if you have any questions for me, feel free to send them to me, and they may just appear on this page!

Q. Why are some of the PNGs so large?
A. I try to extract large images for people who will use the PNGs to make wallpapers. If you’re making a large wallpaper, you would want a large PNG, so that’s why I try to keep them as large as possible but still under 5 MB. If it takes forever to download a PNG, feel free to contact me and I’ll send you the PNG at a smaller size. =]

Q. I’d like to see more of ________.
A. Try submitting a request.

Q. Why do the PNGs have “http://hakanai-paper.net”? That’s not your URL!
A. I don’t want to have to change the link on all those PNGs. That’s alot of work.

Q. I found a broken PNG link!
A. If you happen to spot any broken links/images, please contact me.

Q. Do I know you? Weren’t you the owner of the site ________.
A. Probably. ;P I made a lot of sites, but I eventually ended up closing them all because of lack of interest.

Q. Why no site updates in a while?
A. If you don’t see updates for a while, that might mean something more important is taking up my time.

Q. Do I have to link back?
A. Yes, it is perfered that since the admin of Anime Papers has worked hard to help supply visitors.

Q. You haven’t replied to my email…
A. I check my email almost every day, it could be that I haven’t received it because my email forwarder sends mail from my sites to the junk/spam bin sometimes. So if I haven’t replied in over 4 days, please send it again.

Q. Do you take requests?
A. No. If you would like more renders of a certain character or series, you may suggest it, and we’ll try our best to help you out.

Q. Can you help me with ________.
A. I can always try. Sometimes I won’t have the time or I won’t know how to help at all but for the most part, if you ask nicely, I will most likely be willing to help.