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Step by step tutorial of how to clean a scan.

Let’s Begin!

  1. Choose a worthy scan you can vector. It’s a waste of time if you use a clean scan. I used this Mai HiME scan. When you are looking for a scan to clean make sure that the scan is very large. The bigger the scan, the easier it is to clean it and the better the quality.
  2. Now zoom in so you can see the lines clearly! In order to redraw the rest of the scan, you must be good at visualizing how the actual drawing should look like beneath the unwanted advertisements. Use the Pen Tool . Draw the outlines about 1px (if the scan has thicker lines increase the stroke size). Make sure you create a New Layer everytime you are redrawing something. To avoid unregular lines change the scan’s opacity to 50%. Then zoom as close as you need to. Click ‘D’ to change to black/white colors. Redraw over unwanted words or to clean up the lines, to save the day!
  3. Alright, now on to the coloring part. Now make a New Layer BELOW your lines layers (you don’t want the colors to hide your lines). Now using your Pen Tool, draw a path of the area you want to color with the same color. Now use the Eyedropper Tool to get the right shade of color in the scan. By color I don’t actually mean taking the brush tool to color. What I mean is you <strong>right click with you Pen Tool and select Fill Path And TAH-DAH! Pretty straight forward right? Even if you don’t get the right color at first, no worries, just recolor until you get it right. 
  4. Now with all of this in mind, do the same thing for the rest of the scan! It’s really not that hard just time consuming.It is very mportant to take your time and not to hurry with the vector. If you have worked properly, you would have now a clean vector. Delete the scan and merge the outlines with the color. To check if you have no parts missing, make a colored background with a color like #FF00FF. Now you see all holes. If there aren’t any, you have done a very good job. In the end the, final product is always really nice to look at:

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