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Step by step tutorial of how I made my Princess TuTu icon.

Let’s Begin!

Using transparent PNG or PSD for icons are easy and alot of fun. I just randomly picked a PNG  from’s PNG gallery and I resized it sized and pasted it on a texture. Then I choose a PSD for coloring from AnimePaper’

  1. Crop texture image to 100×100.
  2. Apply text brush (#FFFFFF).
  3. Got my PNG image from here, cropped and resized into icon size.
  4. Create outline. Edit -> Stroke -> 4px (#FFFFFF).
  5.  Apply masking brush (#FFFFFF) and Set blend mode to Overlay.
  6.  Apply your PSD Coloring of choice. I chose mine from here.
  7. And that’s it! It’s really simple and you can do all sorts of icons using this method.

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