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Welcome to Anime Papers. This site aims to provide high-quality transparent PNGs (Portable Network Graphics) for your use. We currently offer anime, manga, game, and nature PNGs. Feel free to look around, bookmark this site, and be sure to check back regularly for more PNGs!

pngs/renders count: 575 · series count: 2062 · most popular pngs/renders is the “reincarnation” of Hakanai Paper, originally, it was a graphics site that housed different content, some of which include tutorials, icon brushes, etc. but was soon changed into an png & icon archive only. I made a new layout, changed some stuff, and Anime Papers was born! This site was officially launched on October 16, 2018.

The Owner

Hello, my name is Brandi and I currently reside in the United States. I’m a graphic designer by day and a nocturnal cat by night. I’ve been designing since 2003, so I am quite familiar with a bit of coding as well as designing. PNGs have always been an obsession of mine to create and share with others. The only things that I can’t have “designer’s block” is on icons and of course PNGs. When I’m not designing professionally or personally my other interests include reading, blogging, crafting, and posting pictures of my design life on Instagram.

You can find me floating around the web at various places:


Q. Do I have to link back?
A. Yes, it is preferred that since the admin of Anime Papers has worked hard to help supply visitors content.

Q. I found a broken link, missing page, etc. on your website!
A. Please contact me with what you found using the contact form! Thank you.

Q. You haven’t replied to my email…
A. I check my email everyday, it could be that I haven’t received it because my email forwarder sends mail from my site to the junk/spam bin sometimes. So if I haven’t replied in over 4 days, please send it again.

Q. Do you take requests?
A. I only take requests for pngs or if you would like more bases or renders of a certain character(s) or series, you may suggest it.

Q. Can you help me with ________.
A. I can try. Sometimes I won’t have the time or I won’t know how to help at all but, if you ask nicely, I’ll  do my best to help.

Q. Why do some PNGs have “”? That’s not your URL!
A. That was my old site. I don’t want to change the link stamp on all the PNGs. Yes, I’m that lazy.