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Welcome to Anime Papers. This site aims to provide high-quality transparent PNGs (Portable Network Graphics) Renders for your use. for you use. We currently offer anime, manga, game, and nature PNGs. Feel free to look around, bookmark this site, and be sure to check back regularly for more PNGs!!

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Anime Papers could always use more PNG extractors. As the job title says, you will extract PNGs for this site.

Requirements: You must know how to extract PNGs that pass my PNG test.

What is the PNG test? The PNG test is easy, really. All it is is putting a PNG on a dark background. (I like to use #003300. Why dark green? Because some images have a black border.) If there are no traces of the image’s original background leftover, the PNG passes!

Here is a PNG (extracted by yours truly) that would pass the test. Here is a random one I found that would not.

At least one PNG is required per month (you can submit 5 at once and they’ll carry over xD).

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